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Why is a Customs Bond Needed?

Why is a Customs Bond needed

If you are new to importing, you are likely hearing about customs bonds for the first time. You might know that you will need a customs bond or imports bond before you can bring your shipment or shipments into the United States. This poses a question you might be asking yourself: Why is a customs…

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Importing Food Into the US: What You Need to Know

Importing food into the US

United States consumers crave a variety of food from all over the world. As America has become more diverse over the decades, importers are responsible for meeting food cravings with foods imported into the United States on a daily basis. Pull up a chair and grab a plate as we walk you through the ins…

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Your Ultimate Guide to Importing Cars to USA

Guide to importing cars to the USA

Importing cars to USA borders is a process that you can’t just put on cruise control. It’s even more difficult to get the key to that car and drive it across the USA border to importing victory lane. The importing process comes wrought with emission testing, importing regulations and manufacturer requirements. Take a drive with…

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Importing from China: What You Need to Know

Importing from China, what you need to know

Importing from China to the United States takes many entities working in sync to keep the supply chain moving. There are a few basic guidelines when importing from China. Sourcing goods, paying for goods, arranging shipping and final delivery and more are all parts of the process. Other things to be aware of when importing…

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What HTSUS Codes Mean To Importing Goods

What HTSUS codes mean to importing goods

Just about everything has some type of acronym that it’s known by today. In the world of importing, there is a long list of acronyms or lingo to become familiar with like HTSUS. So what is the meaning of HTSUS? Simply put, HTSUS stands for the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States. Ok, so…

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Importing Electronics to USA

Commercially importing electronics into the USA is a hassle, but if managed successfully, can reap higher rewards than any other import! In 2016, the world spent over $2.5 trillion just on electronics alone, while the United States spent about $336 billion. The countless regulations and large margin for error is enough to discourage many importers…

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Best Importing Tools for Beginners

Importing Tools for Beginners

First Importing Tool: Business Partner A challenge is often shared by first time importers. How to best understand the process of an international shipment? There are many processes that it must go through before delivering to the door. It is common to wait until the shipment is already in transit. Then begin thinking about the…

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