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Dive in to Importing Swimming Pool Equipment

Dive in to Importing Swimming Pool Equipment
It takes a lot of gear to get pools ready for a season of swimming. Importing swimming pool equipment is one way to keep up with customer demand. Our customs experts can help shippers navigate the agencies who sign off on importing swimming equipment.
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May 27, 2020
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Last Modified: December 2, 2022

For northern states that are beginning to come into season or southern states that may already be in full bloom, pool season is either almost here or already upon us. For a business looking to capitalize, kickstarting the process of importing swimming pool equipment is paramount to taking advantage of the change in weather and consumer demand.

With the right game plan and possibly some help, importing swimming pool equipment doesn’t have to be the same pain that skimming leaves out of a pool is. Knowing how to navigate the paperwork and steps required by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is the biggest hurdle to clear when undertaking this task.

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What is Swimming Pool Equipment?

Having a pool or getting one installed is the relatively easy part of the equation. Keeping the pool clean — and possibly heated — can be quite the chore. Identifying the specific pieces of equipment that consumers will be looking for is essential so you’re not stuck holding products that no one needs or wants.

Swimming pool equipment can be anything from a simple skimmer with a metal handle and mesh net to more complex pieces of equipment like electronically powered machines to clean the bottom of the pool. In between are pool pumps to circulate the water, filters to take out impurities and chemical feeders to treat the water. There are other parts and accessories as well but the previously discussed equipment are 

Most pools are treated with chlorine, so adding it by pouring it in the pool in liquid form or having it dispensed through a feeder is crucial to keeping a clean pool. The appropriate amount of chlorine in a pool could also be enough to render COVID-19 ineffective.

Is Swimming Pool Equipment Safe?

When used correctly, swimming pool equipment is safe to use. However, pool parts and equipment are regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) because of the potential for injury or death due to becoming stuck to an improperly covered suction drain, where the pressure can be up to 300 pounds per square inch.

Furthermore, the hoses used for pool cleaners can cause people to get entangled in them and drown if not careful. So the CPSC has to make sure the equipment purchased in America is as safe as can be. As an importer of pool equipment, it is on you to make sure the goods you’re bringing into the country don’t have known issues.

Getting Swimming Pool Equipment Ready for Import

After the CPSC makes sure the products you’re planning on selling are safe to be imported, the meat of the process is upon you. There are several important aspects that must be done correctly before swimming pool equipment is able to be sold in America:

  • Buy a customs bond: This is needed before anything else. A customs bond costs several hundred dollars and is good for a full year. After submitting the customs bond form, you can usually get same day approval and the bond will be finalized within a couple of days of the initial approval.
  • Fill out necessary customs forms: Filling out the necessary paperwork to be allowed to import items can be tedious and especially difficult for first-timers. The reason for this is any incorrect or missing information from the form can result in your shipment being delayed — or worse — not allowed into the country. Even though it would cost additional money, having an experienced customs clearance broker can save the time and headache that come with filling out the form. 
  • Find transport for over borders or overseas: This is another area where you can have your own transportation set up, or turn to your customs broker, who either offers transportation options themselves or partners with another company.
  • Have items appear at the port of entry and clear customs: Someone has to be at the port to accept delivery of the items imported, whether that is someone from your company or an appointed customs clearance broker. 

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Do I Need A Customs Bond to Import Swimming Pool Equipment?

Do I Need A Customs Bond to Import Swimming Pool Equipment

Since the import of swimming pool equipment is governed by the aforementioned CPSC, your international shipment will be required to have a customs bond. Even if that stipulation was not in place, any shipment with a value of over $2,500 would also require to be bonded for customs. 

The bond exists so that the U.S. government is guaranteed to be able to collect its taxes and duties levied associated with importation in the event that the importer is unable to pay due to going out of business or some other financial hardship.

There exists only one other option other than a customs bond — for the importer to put up cash as collateral for their shipment. This might not be an amazing option though, since $50,000 or more in American currency would be needed in lieu of a surety bond   

USA Customs Clearance for Importing Swimming Pool Equipment

Once the decision has been made to begin importing swimming pool equipment, you could use the expert help of an experienced customs broker for a variety of reasons. The first two that come to mind are through consulting services and the actual clearance of your imports through customs.

Regarding the first of those two, we have years of experience in answering any questions you might have about starting to bring goods into the country or on how to deal with the CBP’s various rules and regulations. For a flat fee, you’ll have individual access to a customs broker agent to give you personalized information regarding how to best handle the process.

Our business can also be your customs broker. USA Customs Clearance can file the paperwork for you and then work on your behalf to ensure your products make it to port and through customs so you can get to the important job of selling them. We offer consulting sessions to answer all your questions. We can also sell you the customs bond your business will assuredly need for a reasonable price.

As an added offering, we also have strategic partnerships that allow us to handle your freight shipping needs as well, making USA Customs Clearance a one-stop shop so your imports don’t have to be stopped along the way.

So when it’s time to start importing swimming pool equipment, bidet toilet seats or even have questions about what are incoterms, reach out to the experts at USA Customs Clearance to help facilitate it. You can visit us at our website or call us at 855.912.0406 for a free quote on services.

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