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Continuous Customs Bond


  • Good for 1 year
  • $50,000 claim value
  • Same day approval


Are you importing goods? You likely need a customs bond. Customs bonds are mandatory in most importing situations.

When do you need a customs bond? You need a customs bond when:

  • Your imports are for commercial use
  • Your imported goods must pass federal inspection and are subject to federal rules

A continuous customs bond acts as a contract that ensures your taxes and duties are paid on each import transaction. Continuous customs bonds give you peace of mind when you are doing business as an importer.

A continuous bond allows you to work for a 12-month period on multiple import shipments. This bond renews annually and we offer a 48-hour turnaround time for your bond after you apply online today. We offer $50,000 in coverage for just $245.

Are you ready to purchase a continuous customs bond and get down to business? Add your bond to your cart now and get the benefits of working with a Licensed Customs Broker for your continuous customs bond needs.

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