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Schedule your choice of a half-hour Customs Consultation Session or a 1-hour Consulting Session to craft your individualized blueprints for importing success.
  • Choose a half-hour or one-hour phone consultation
  • Receive answers to all your importing questions
  • Get assistance with your customs bond import paperwork
  • Achieve peace of mind with a $50,000 Customs Bond Value
We have answers to your customs clearance questions. Schedule a 30-minute chat with an expert.  Our half hour of consulting is just $99.
Book My 30 min. Consulting Session
Need more time to map out your importing plan? Schedule a 1-hour expert conversation.
The hour-long consultation is $175.
Book My Hour Consulting Session
Answers to Common Importing
Complete answers provided during expert consultation session.

Answers to your Customs Consulting questions

.Do I Need a Customs Bond?

A customs bond is required if you are importing items into the U.S. via ocean or air valued at more than $2,500 for commercial use. When you have customs bonds in place on your shipments, you are ensuring a smooth and fast customs clearance process between countries.

Why is My Freight Stuck in Customs?

There are two main reasons your goods are stuck at a U.S. port of entry. Your goods are either prohibited or your import paperwork in incorrect. Working hand in hand with a Licensed Customs Broker and a freight forwarder ensures your goods are imported seamlessly and you have open dialogue and real time updates on your imports.
Why is My Freight Stuck in Customs

.I have a Bond, Can I Get Help with Freight?

Absolutely. USA Customs Clearance, powered by AFC International, offers both value-added customs brokerage services that includes affordable rates by our trusted freight shipping partners via land, air and sea! Our Licensed Customs Brokers can assist you with all of your importing and freight shipping needs.

.What is the Process of Importing Goods?

If you have a customs bond but need help moving your freight, we understand your dilemma. The key to import customs clearance success is working with a customs provider that navigates your imports safely through the import process. Licensed customs brokers fill out your import paperwork electronically, create a freight moving plan and make sure your goods are shipped and arrive on time.
What is the Process of Importing Goods

.What Can I Discuss During My Consulting Period?

You can discuss everything you need to know about importing to the U.S., including:

  • Clearing customs at borders and ports
  • Securing a global logistics plan for your products
  • Delivery of goods
  • How to save money through your logistics plan

.What Will Be My Total Import Costs?

Your total costs vary depending on the value of your imports and what kind of importing you are seeking to accomplish. Your total fees, taxes and duties can be finalized with the assistance of a Licensed Customs Broker.

.What Information Do You Need to Process a Continuous Customs Bond?

You can submit a customs bond form and receive same day approval. It’s that easy. Your customs broker will assist you with filling out all of your import paperwork for your specific customs clearance needs.

.When Do I Need a Customs Bond?

You need a customs bond when:

  • Your imports are for commercial use
  • Your imported goods are required to meet federal regulations
When Do I Need a Customs Bond

.How Many Entries Does a Continuous Bond Cover?

As many shipment entries that you can fit into the 12-month period that makes up your continuous bond timeframe. You must pay at least $50,000 in coverage for these bonds, which are a no-brainer solution for those importing frequently every year. Continuous bonds also renew annually for your convenience.

.Can You Provide Customs Clearance Services?

Of course! We are here to help you navigate the customs clearance process quickly and efficiently. Our brokers fill out import paperwork and monitor your shipments through every step of the customs clearance process.

.Can I Get Some Help Filling Out an ISF Form?

Absolutely! Our Licensed Customs Brokers assist you with all your importing forms. It’s important to note that your continuous bond covers International Security Filing (ISF) rules when importing shipments overseas.
Can I Get Some Help Filling Out an ISF Form

.I am Importing From China, What Do I Need for Customs Clearance?

Importing from China is easy when you have customs clearance assistance that includes:

  • Arranging clearance for imported goods at your port of entry
  • Preparing for the release of imports from China
  • Working with the CBP to make sure all government taxes, fees and duties are paid
Complete answers provided during expert consultation session.