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What's Included In Your Import Consulting Session?

You will be connected to an experienced, licensed customs broker, familiar with all aspects of the customs clearance process. This personalized, 1-on-1 consultation will provide you with specific solutions for your unique situation and set you on the path to import success.


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Consulting - Customs Compliance Form $495 (#55)
Price: $495.00

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Customs Compliance Consulting - $495
  • 45 Minutes
  • Partner Government Agency (PGA) support*
    • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
    • Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
    • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
    • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
    • Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)
    • Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS)
    • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF)
    • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
  • Required documentation assistance
  • Duty and tariff requirements
  • HTS code classification
  • Section 301 support
  • Transportation and warehousing options
  • Prior disclosure and post summary corrections
  • Anti-dumping/countervailing duty (AD/CVD) review
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"[My consultant] was absolutely brilliant and told me exactly what I needed to do. Thanks to [her] help, I'm having a huge amount of success importing my products."
- Peter L.
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“They answered all my questions regarding importing and the different steps to take. I was extremely impressed with the service I was given.”
- Ron H.
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“I would recommend any new importer consult with Linda and her team. I'm brand new to importing and she went over everything I need to successfully import my products.”
- Ninthalak C.

Typical Use Cases

In our experience, customs brokerage and consulting services are essential for importers of all experience levels, but some situations can especially benefit from additional guidance.
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Filling out the required documentation: Licensed customs brokers help you navigate complex documentation requirements, ensuring all necessary paperwork is accurate and complete, avoiding costly fines and delays.

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Binding rulings on HTS classification: We facilitate the process of obtaining binding rulings, providing certainty and clarity regarding product classification.

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Understanding duty and tariff requirements: Import costs can be significantly affected by duties and tariffs. Clear guidance for your specific products ensures you know what to expect and pay only what you owe.

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Partner Government Agency (PGA) support: Many commonly imported commodities are regulated by one of the U.S.’s government agencies. Our team ensures seamless collaboration with these agencies, streamlining your import process and avoiding compliance issues.

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Anti-dumping/countervailing duty (AD/CVD) review: Certain products incur tariffs of up to 300% of their value. We review your products to identify potential anti-dumping or countervailing issues, helping you avoid unexpected costs.

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Section 301 and duty drawback support: We offer guidance in navigating complex Section 301 tariffs, helping you address impacts to your imports while identifying opportunities to reduce and refund duties.

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Providing prior disclosure: Already know of issues with your shipment? We’ll guide you through the process of proactively addressing errors in your import documentation to mitigate potential penalties and compliance risks.

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Submitting post summary corrections: Assistance with post-summary corrections assures  timely and accurate adjustments to import declarations, so you avoid penalties and maintain compliance.

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Customs Compliance Consulting - Checkmark
Customs Compliance Consulting - $495
Whether you already have a shipment scheduled or you’re still in the planning process, this personalized consultation is a must for importers of any experience level.

Receive guidance that is custom-tailored to your unique situation, including HTS code classification, assistance with required documentation, duty and tariff requirements, and full compliance with all regulatory agencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not seeing your question here? Contact us today! We’re ready to assist you.

You can discuss everything you need to know about importing to the U.S., including:

  • Clearing customs at borders and ports
  • Securing a global logistics plan for your products
  • Delivery of goods
  • How to save money through your logistics plan

If you have imported goods before and still have questions, a Licensed Customs Broker can give clear-cut answers. Cut through red tape around rules and regulations, determine tariffs, assist with ISF, and get the facts you need to get your shipment through customs and across the border.

We also offer an annual consulting option for regular importers to ensure you get the service you need and when you need it.

Absolutely! USA Customs Clearance, powered by AFC International, can handle the entire import and transportation processes for you. We can assist you in arranging customs brokerage and international shipping. If you need help with freight, consider booking an import consulting session with a Licensed Customs Broker. They can navigate the waters of international shipping, customs clearance, and more in a single session.

Your total costs vary depending on the value of your imports and what kind of products you plan on importing. Your customs broker can help identify what costs you can expect, and determine how much you’ll owe in duties and tariffs.

Absolutely! Our Licensed Customs Brokers can assist you in filling out all of your required documentation, including your Importer Security Filing, which carries a fine of $5,000 if filed incorrectly.

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Meet Your Experts

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  • Meet Your Expert Linda D.
    Linda D.
    Licensed Customs Broker
    With over 30 years of business and import experience, Linda is a valuable asset for companies looking to optimize their import operations. In addition to being a Licensed Customs Broker in the U.S., Linda is also a Qualified Canadian Customs Broker. This valuable combination gives Linda an unprecedented level of knowledge when it comes to cross border shipments between Canada and the U.S. Linda is also a Certified Customs Specialist (CCS) through the National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America.
  • Meet Your Expert Athena G.
    Athena G.
    Licensed Customs Broker
    With over 17 years of experience in logistics, international trade, and customer service, Athena serves clients by helping them understand the Customs and importing process. From required documentation for clearing customs to government agency regulations, she ensures importers have the knowledge they need to be successful. Athena holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Business Administration and an MBA in Marketing and is also fully bilingual (English/Spanish).

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