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Hassle-Free Importing With Expert Customs Consulting Services

Clearing your imports through U.S. Customs can be a complicated and confusing process, especially for new importers. We can help you navigate the uncertainty and give you guidance on import regulations, tariff classification, and more.
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Import and Customs Consulting Services

Diamond Imports

The US imported more than $20 Billion in diamonds last year.

Wood Imports

The US imports nearly $20 Million of many types of woods, annually.

Medical Imports

The US Imports $50+ Billion of medical devices alone, annually.
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Personal Goods

Personal effects import info is difficult to find - We have the answers.
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Food Imports

The US imports more than $130B in food, annually.
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Pet/Live Animals

The US imports more than one million dogs, annually.
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Motorcycle and Automobile Imports

The US Imports $200+ Billion annually in value of motorcycles and cars.

Metal Imports

More than $200 Billion in metals and minerals are imported to US, annually.

Auto Parts Imports

The US Imports more than $145 Billion in auto parts, annually.

Personal Protective Equipment Imports

During the pandemic of 2020, more than $25 Million of PPE was imported.

Fashion Imports

The US is the largest importer of fashion - more than $105 Billion, annually.

Toys/Games Imports

More than $20B in value of toys, dolls and games are imported annually to US.
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Infant and Toddler Wear Imports
Import for children's clothing is valued at more than $18 Billion annually.
And Many More
The US imports more than $130B in food, annually.
What Our
Customers Say About Us
USA Customs Clearance: They have gone above and beyond to accommodate my needs and work with making sure that I have all of my Customs Clearance paperwork in order. All in an expedited and professional way. I have used their services over the past three years and look forward to continue to do so.

Our Consulting Session Process

We are committed to assisting you fully with your import and customs needs. We identify the necessary paperwork, regulations, and procedures to ensure a smooth and positive import experience. Before our consulting discussions begin we provide a pre-conference questionnaire to help you plan your session and get the most out of it.

We have Licensed Customs Brokers ready to support your needs. We offer a single licensed session and for regular importers we have an option for a monthly retainer for businesses needing on-going import and customs support.

Set Yourself Up For Importing Success Meet Our Expert Brokers

The team behind the business needs to lay the foundation of success. Our team at USA Customs Clearance goes above and beyond in everything we do for you. Each team member uses their vast knowledge and experience to serve your unique business objectives.
Paul G.
Licensed Customs Broker
Paul is a Licensed Customs Broker with over 25 years of experience assisting importers with various aspects of customs clearance. His areas of expertise include tariff classification, duty drawback, regulation compliance, and more. Paul’s knowledge spans a wide range of industries as well. This ensures he’s able to help your business achieve its import objectives no matter what the operation is.
Linda D.
Licensed Customs Broker
With over 30 years of business and import experience, Linda is a valuable asset for companies looking to optimize their import operations. In addition to being a Licensed Customs Broker in the U.S., Linda is also a Qualified Canadian Customs Broker. This valuable combination gives Linda an unprecedented level of knowledge when it comes to cross border shipments between Canada and the U.S. Linda is also a Certified Customs Specialist (CCS) through the National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America.
Sarah J.
Licensed Customs Broker
Sarah began her Brokerage career over 20 years ago, and became a Licensed Customs Broker in 2010. She has worked in various roles with specific expertise in the area of Post Entry. This includes Custom’s audits, Trade Remedy Programs, and duty mitigation. Her participation with various Brokerage associations gives her insight into upcoming regulatory changes that may affect the future of International Trade, and how Importers do business.
Athena G.
Licensed Customs Broker
With over 17 years of experience in logistics, international trade, and customer service, Athena serves clients by helping them understand the Customs and importing process. From required documentation for clearing customs to government agency regulations, she ensures importers have the knowledge they need to be successful. Athena holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Business Administration and an MBA in Marketing and is also fully bilingual (English/Spanish).
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find your question and answer here? Contact us today! We are ready to assist you.
After I Buy My Bond, When Will I Get It?
You should receive your bond within one business day from the time you submit your application. Your application is the first part of the process after you buy your bond. It is recommended you submit this to us as quickly as possible so we can process it.
Can I Get Some Help Filling Out An ISF Form?
Absolutely! Our Licensed Customs Brokers assist you with all your importing forms. It’s important to note that your continuous bond covers International Security Filing (ISF) rules when importing shipments overseas.
Can You Help Me With Transporting My Freight?
Absolutely! USA Customs Clearance, powered by AFC International, can handle the entire import and transportation processes for you. We can assist you in arranging customs brokerage and international shipping. If you need help with freight, consider booking an import consulting session with a Licensed Customs Broker. They can navigate the waters of international shipping, customs clearance and more in a single session.
What Can I Discuss During My Consulting Period?
You can discuss everything you need to know about importing to the U.S., including:
  • Clearing customs at borders and ports
  • Securing a global logistics plan for your products
  • Delivery of goods
  • How to save money through your logistics plan

  • If you have imported goods before and still have questions, a Licensed Customs Broker can give clear-cut answers. Cut through red tape around rules and regulations, determine tariffs, assist with ISF, and get the facts you need to get your shipment through customs and across the border.

    We also offer an annual consulting option for regular importers to ensure you get the service you need and when you need it.
Why Is My Freight Caught In Customs?
There are two main reasons your goods are stuck at a U.S. port of entry. Your goods are either prohibited or your import paperwork is incorrect. Working hand in hand with a Licensed Customs Broker and a freight forwarder ensures your goods are imported seamlessly and you have open dialogue and real time updates on your imports.
I Hear The Bond Application Is Lengthy And Difficult To Fill Out. Can You Fill It Out?
Yes. Our consulting solution can be used to have us fill out the lengthy, comprehensive bond application. Many of our customers use this service for just that purpose!
What Is The Process Of Importing Goods?
If you have a customs bond but need help moving your freight, we understand your dilemma. The key to import customs clearance success is working with a customs provider that navigates your imports safely through the import process. Licensed customs brokers fill out your import paperwork electronically, create a freight moving plan and make sure your goods are shipped and arrive on time.
I Bought My Bond Somewhere Else, Can You Help Move My Freight?
Absolutely. USA Customs Clearance, powered by AFC International, offers both value-added customs brokerage services that include affordable rates by our trusted freight shipping partners via land, air, and sea! Our Licensed Customs Brokers can assist you with all of your importing and freight shipping needs.
Can You Tell Me The Total Cost Of My Import?
Your total costs vary depending on the value of your imports and what kind of importing you are seeking to accomplish. Your total fees, taxes, and duties can be finalized with the assistance of a Licensed Customs Broker. Our Licensed Customs Broker Consulting Session includes this service.
How Many Entries Does A Continuous Bond Cover?
As many shipment entries that you can fit into the 12-month period that makes up your continuous bond timeframe. You must pay at least $50,000 in coverage for these bonds, which are a no-brainer solution for those importing frequently every year. Continuous bonds also renew annually for your convenience.
I Am Looking For A Manufacturer Overseas, Can You Help?
Our Licensed Customs Brokers have a wealth of information regarding various manufacturers. While we don't make assertions or recommendations on the viability, quality, or efficacy of these manufacturers, we can provide a list for you to vet yourself for your specific needs as a part of our consulting sessions.
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