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Importing Into the U.S. Should Be Straightforward and Hassle-free

Importing goods into the U.S. needs to be efficient, on-time and hassle-free. Our straightforward process is designed to make importing an effortless experience. Join forces with our team of customs experts who have a wealth of knowledge importing a variety of goods from around the globe.
USA Customs Clearance puts the right resources in place to meet your importing needs.
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Import consulting
Obtaining a customs bond
Customs clearance
Importer of Record registration
Licensed Brokers
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A Simple, Quick, & Affordable Customs Bond Experience

Securing a customs bond shouldn’t be a complicated and lengthy task, which is why we designed our process to be simple and fast. Our straightforward online application takes you step-by-step through the bond application with helpful support along the way. Once your application is complete, your bond can be approved in as little as 48 hours. All of this is available for just $245.
Custom-built online application experience guides you through the entire process
Expert support available if you have questions or need help
Convenient access to complete at your own pace
30 minutes is all you need to complete the application
Approval from CBP in as little as 48 hours
Expedited support available
Single-purchase and recurring options to choose from
Continuous Customs Bond For Only $245

Why Successful Importers Choose USA Customs:

Paul was extremely knowledgeable and gave me a complete list of action items after our consultation session. I got exactly what I needed.
-Matthew C.
Sarah was absolutely brilliant and told me exactly what I needed to do. She assisted me in locating and completing all of the necessary paperwork. Thanks to Sarah's help, I'm having a huge amount of success in importing my products.
-Peter L.

Import Consulting For Your Specific Needs

Definitive Answers to All of Your Importing Questions

You shouldn't have to navigate the world of customs clearance on your own. Thanks to our consulting service, you don't have to.
Our Consulting Sessions Include:
Individualized support from a Licensed Customs Broker
Relevant advice tailored to your specific question
A step-by-step plan for successful importing
Assistance with required import documentation
When you're ready to get support from our friendly and knowledgeable team, we're here to help.
Consulting Available 
As Low As
Perfect for Both New and Experienced Importers
One-Time and Subscription Based Options
Same-Day Appointments, Limited Availability
New Importer? Unsure?
Start with Consulting

Customs Brokerage - Services You Can Count On

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to importing goods into the U.S. from points around the globe. We help streamline the importing process from start to finish. Work closely with a Licensed Customs Broker to navigate all the government agency regulations, duties and taxes and other related details. 
Obtain Expert Assistance With:
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Tariff Classification
usa customs clearance checkbox
Section 301 Support
usa customs clearance checkbox
Duty Drawback & Mitigation
usa customs clearance checkbox
Importer Security Filing (ISF)
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Government Agency Compliance
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Fast and Easy Importer Registration
Handled by Licensed Professionals

Before you can import into the U.S. you need to register as an importer with Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Importer of Record Registration

If you're in any of the situations below, our Importer of record Registration service is right for you:
This is your first time importing
Imported in the past, but first time importing under your business name OR had foreign suppliers manage customs clearance for you
You’re a foreign company (outside of the U.S.) that would like to import goods into the U.S. under your business to simplify customs clearance for your U.S. partners
This process can be difficult and confusing, especially for new importers. We created our Importer of Record registration service to make the process simple and fast.

Whether your company is based in the U.S. or you're a foreign company looking to become a foreign importer of record, we've got you covered.

Have questions while you're completing the registration? No problem. Our Licensed Experts will take the time to fully explain the documents and provide you with definitive answers.

Why Successful Importers Choose USA Customs:

I would recommend any new importer consult with Linda and her team. I'm brand new to importing and she went over everything I need to successfully import my products.
-Ninthalak C.
My consultation was perfect. Sarah gave me all of the information I needed. She even followed up with me after the consultation and summarized everything we talked about during the consultation.
-Peter L.

Informative Guides For Personal Importers

Looking to import a specific item and want to do some reading up on the topic? We’ve got you covered with a variety of Ebooks to help with your research.
Discover what is needed before you can import a pooch into the U.S.
Learn More
There is nothing like the roar of a motorcycle engine. Get up to date on the rules and requirements for importing a motorcycle to the U.S.
Learn More
importing a car e-book
Whether it’s from Italy, Germany or Japan, importing cars into the U.S. is big business. Get an idea of what it takes to get the job done.
Learn More

Expertly Crafted Importing Resources

The team at USA Customs Clearance have assembled a wealth of information to help importers ship goods from around the world into the US.
Importing Aluminum From China
Importing Aluminum From China
The changing landscape of shipping goods from China requires extra attention to details. Use this information as a guide for importing aluminum from China and get the best advice for successfully shipping the metal.
Importing wood to the USA
Importing Wood to USA
The varying types of trees means importing wood to the USA differs by shipment. A licensed customs broker can help sort out the regulations and get everything stacked up.
What is an ATA Carnet and When Do I Need One?
What is an ATA Carnet and When Do I Need One?
An ATA Carnet can be a useful resource when importing products for temporary use. Find out when it should be used, how to get one, and more.
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