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Get a Customs Bond in 3 Easy Steps
You need a customs bond to import commercial goods into the United States. Obtaining one shouldn’t have to be complicated. We offer annual continuous customs bonds in just 3 simple steps.

Buy Your Customs Bond

Purchase your continuous customs bond directly on our site using our secure checkout process.
Only $245
No Hidden Fees or Costs

Fill Out Customs Bond Application

Complete our simple, hassle-free bond application and receive same day approval.

Receive Your Bond

Your bond is finalized and active within 2 days of application approval and can be used to import into the U.S.

Import Consulting with a Customs Licensed Broker

When you encounter challenges or have questions during importing, it’s important to have a trusted and reliable partner by your side. Our Licensed Customs Brokers will answer all of your questions and provide you with the essential information that you need.

Purchase Your Session

Use our easy and secure checkout process to purchase your customs consulting session.

Book Your Appointment

A member of our consulting team will reach out to schedule your consulting session.

Get Your Answers

Your Licensed Customs Broker will provide you with clear answers to all of your import questions.

Customs Brokerage Services You Can Count On

If you have a commercial shipment scheduled to arrive in the U.S. and need brokerage services, we’re ready to help you. Our team can provide you with a quick, hassle-free quote to meet your needs

Provide Shipment Information

Give our team the complete details of your shipment so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.

Discuss Quote Details

Our team will answer any questions that you have regarding your customs brokerage quote.

Submit POA Form

Once you complete the Power of Attorney Form, our team can conduct customs business on your behalf.

Navigate The Customs Clearance Process Properly

You need customs brokerage services whenever an import shipment arrives at a United States port of entry. The processing of imported goods requires a licensed customs broker to have power of attorney to clear shipments on an importer’s behalf.


A customs bond guarantees that all duties, taxes and fees are paid on all of your import transactions. The bond works as an insurance policy ...
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There are two types of customs bonds: Single entry bonds and continuous bonds. All customs bonds protect the U.S. government ...
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If customs bond financial requirements are not met, a customs bond claim is filed against the bond for payment. Types of customs ...
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USA Customs Clearance: They have gone above and beyond to accommodate my needs and work with making sure that I have all of my Customs Clearance paperwork in order. All in an expedited and professional way. I have used their services over the past three years and look forward to continue to do so.

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