HS & HTS Code Lookup Tool

Use our simple and easy to use HS (Harmonized System) and HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) code lookup tool to find the tariff code for products that you plan on importing into the U.S.

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HTS Lookup

HTS Value

Enter a 4-6 length digit in the boxes 
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How It Works

1. Start by entering the name or description of the product being imported. You can also search using a full or partial HS code, if you have it.

2. Next, click the button reading “Proceed with Lookup”. This will take you to your search results.


3. You will be given result(s) of possible HS codes matching the product name or description that you entered. Each result will include the:

    1. Heading/Subheading
    2. Description
    3. Unit of Quantity (if applicable)
    4. Rates of Duty


Still unsure which
HTS code to use?
Speak with one of our Licensed Customs Brokers to find the correct HTS codes.
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