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Did you know not following ISF filing requirements alone can result in a $5,000 fine for each violation?
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Tariff Classification
Having the wrong HTS number for your product causes shipping delays and violations. We provide you with exact duties and required regulations.
Section 301 Support
Many imported products from China are being assessed additional tariffs under Section 301 Act. We help you receive any applicable refunds you’re eligible for.
Avoid ISF Penalties
All commercial ocean shipments arriving at a U.S. port of entry require an ISF Filing. We submit the ISF on time to help you avoid a $5,000 fine from CBP.
Duty Drawback & Mitigation
Our Team of Brokers evaluate your current importing program to determine your eligibility for a complete or partial refund of import duties.
Gov't Agency Compliancy Assistance
Our Brokers evaluate your shipment and ensure it’s in compliance with government agencies like the FDA, USDA, and EPA, which require additional paperwork.
Post Summary Correction Submission
We can quickly and accurately help you file a customs protest or post summary correction if there were any tariff changes or errors made on previous shipments.

Our Brokerage Process

Initial Discussion of Your Importing Needs
Our Licensed Professionals Conduct Necessary Research
The Customs Brokerage Process is Presented & Discussed
A Plan is Agreed Upon & Implemented
We Follow-Up After Import Occurs With Any Additional Necessary Steps

Commonly Asked Customs Brokerage Questions

Do I Need A Customs Bond?

A customs bond is required if you are importing items into the U.S. via ocean or air valued at more than $2,500 for commercial use. When you have customs bonds in place on your shipments, you are ensuring a smooth and fast customs clearance process between countries.

Can I Get Help Filing Out An ISF Form?

Absolutely! Our Licensed Customs Brokers assist you with all your importing forms. It’s important to note that your continuous bond covers International Security Filing (ISF) rules when importing shipments overseas.

Why Is My Freight Caught In Customs?

There are two main reasons your goods are stuck at a U.S. port of entry. Your goods are either prohibited or your import paperwork is incorrect. Working hand in hand with a Licensed Customs Broker and a freight forwarder ensures your goods are imported seamlessly and you have open dialogue and real time updates on your imports.

Can You Tell Me The Total Cost Of My Import?

Your total costs vary depending on the value of your imports and what kind of importing you are seeking to accomplish. Your total fees, taxes, and duties can be finalized with the assistance of a Licensed Customs Broker. Our Licensed Customs Broker Consulting Session includes this service.

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