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Starting a business is hard enough. We now offer a way to help make it easier by protecting your information from the competition by keeping it off the public record.
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Protect your business and keep 26 different data points from being used against you. Customize your application to cover all businesses related to your import company.

Protect Your Supply Chain

Hide Import Data:
Manufacturer Names and Addresses
Supplier Addresses
Top Suppliers
Ports of Loading
Ports of Discharge
Country of Origin
Product Descriptions
Air Expedited Imports

Keep Shipments Secure

Hide Delivery Information:
Ports of Entry
Container Code and ID
Container Numbers
Carrier in Use
Vessel Name
Estimated Arrival Dates
Product Quantities
Unless you request Manifest Confidentiality through Customs and Border Protection (CBP), your import information is readily available to anyone. This information can be accessed through popular tools like ImportYeti, Import Genius, and Datamyne.
Don’t want this information out in the open? Let USA Customs Clearance file for manifest confidentiality for you and protect your business!

Reliable Business Security

Starting a business is hard enough. We make it easier to guard your information and keep it off the public record.
Purchase Manifest Confidentiality services through our site.
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Receive confirmation of confidentiality status in as little as 24 hours.
Have questions while you’re completing the application?

No problem! Our import experts have the answers. We’ll help you complete the application so that you can move on with your day.
Get help from our experienced and licensed customs consultants. We’ll help you get the details right to start protecting your business interests today.

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Our upfront pricing means we won’t add on extra fees when you check out. Confidentiality costs $298. Period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's important to know just how much of your business information competitors might have access to.

Below you will find answers to pressing questions you might have about Manifest Confidentiality.
What information from my shipping manifest might become public knowledge?
Customs and Border Protection will release nearly all information from shipping manifests upon request from an accredited publisher. Information from up to 22 different data points is available and can be provided to your competitors including your name, your supplier’s name and address, ports of departure and arrival, and expected arrival dates.
How does Manifest Confidentiality protect my company’s privacy?
USA Customs Clearance will file for Manifest Confidentiality on your behalf through the CBP. Once on file, any requests for information on your company will be returned blank. Competitors will not be able to track your suppliers, product value, or HTS codes. Delivery schedules will remain private and secure.
I’ve never filed for Manifest confidentiality before. Will this erase my previous records from public access?
Confidentiality is effective from the date the request was filed. Previous records may still be found but are unlikely to be checked by competitors who tend to track current information only. Any manifest information recorded on or after the filing date will remain confidential while the application is current.
I’m not sure if I qualify to apply for Manifest Confidentiality. Who can I ask for help?
USA Customs Clearance is here to help! We have experienced and Licensed Customs specialists available Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm EST on hand to answer your questions. Outside of business hours, you can submit a contact form and one of our specialists will get back to you within 24 hours.
Will Manifest Confidentiality apply to different versions of my company’s name (DBA, AKA, etc.)?
Yes, confidentiality applications can accommodate over 50 different name variants. Applications for confidentiality are filed per ACE (automated commercial environment) identification used. Any alternative spelling, common misspellings, DBAs, or other variants of the entity used to file import records to ACE may be included in the application.
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