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Patient care in a doctor’s office, hospital or rehabilitation facility are just a few examples of where medical imports maintain the steady heartbeat of critical health care services. It could be a swab needed for a routine lab culture or surgical gloves and masks. All are critical tools that must be on hand and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Importing medical equipment is standard practice, especially when demand is high and supplies run low.
Those working with medical imports face a number of challenges. This includes ensuring each item is approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and contains the proper import documentation at the time of import. There is no time to waste when it comes to medical imports to keep inventory on supply room shelves. A 30-minute consulting session may be the perfect prescription to revive efforts of medical imports.
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Medical Import Statistics

Medical Device Imports by Country of Origin Into the U.S. since 2019

Country of Origin

Shipments (in millions)

Percentage of Medical Device Imports into the U.S.










Dominican Republic









The Right Prescription for Medical Imports

Top 6 Medical Device Imports* by Industry since 2019


Total Devices

Ophthalmic Medical Devices


Cardiovascular Medical Devices


Physical Medicine Medical Devices


Dental Medical Devices


Orthopedics Medical Devices


General Hospital Medical Devices




Start with a consultation session to help figure a few things out with medical imports. During the session, our experts can cover a variety of topics to include:
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Meet FDA Requirements
Whether you are in charge of medical supply inventory for a hospital, ordering durable medical equipment for a retail chain or an independent pharmacist searching for meds, importing these goods helps solve shortage issues. However, without the know-how, medical imports can be stuck in transit and not on hand in a crisis. Yes, it could be a life or death situation, this is why it’s critical to work with a licensed customs broker to keep everything moving.
Get the answers to your importing questions from the professionals who know the industry and the rigors of medical imports.
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Why Successful Importers Choose USA Customs:

I would recommend any new importer consult with Linda and her team. I'm brand new to importing and she went over everything I need to successfully import my products.
-Ninthalak C.
Sarah was absolutely brilliant and told me exactly what I needed to do. She assisted me in locating and completing all of the necessary paperwork. Thanks to Sarah's help, I'm having a huge amount of success in importing my products.
-Peter L.

Go to the Experts for Medical Imports

The quick decisions often required in health care when dealing with emergencies leaves little room for supply shortages. Our experts have access to a variety of solutions that can assist with medical imports. Schedule a consultation session to get you started.
The value of a consultation and working with a dedicated team of Licensed Customs Brokers will be realized as a return on the bottom line of your business. Medical imports are vitally important and our team of experts are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and hassle-free import for your essential products.
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Get all your questions answered during a consultation session by one of our experts. Discover what additional resources that are available to make the importing process efficient for your business. Let us put our importing expertise to work for your medical freight.
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Overcoming the Challenges of Medical Imports

Many manufacturers of medical supplies scaled back operations in 2020 due to pandemic concerns, but the industry is regaining strength and ramping up to meet the growing demands. Items like thermometers and N-95 masks are just two examples of medical supplies that were difficult to source around the globe. However, as supply chains dried up, other alternative sources entered the market to help fill the gaps. Some suppliers were ready to meet the stringent requirements of importing to the U.S., and maximized opportunities for growth.
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On average, the U.S. imports more than $50 billion in medical devices each year. A large portion of medical supplies imported to the US are produced in China. A licensed customs broker is knowledgeable about all the details related to medical imports and how to solve problems that arise.
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