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Silver Bundle New Importer Success Bundle

Bundle Contents:
A Customs and Border Protection (CBP) requirement for all importers entering products into the U.S.
Another CBP requirement for import shipments that contain goods regulated by government agencies (FDA, USDA, EPA, etc.) or shipments valued at $2,500 or more. The customs bond ensures all import duties and fees are paid to CBP.
On-Demand video walkthrough and handbook providing an introductory overview of the customs clearance process.
Best For: 
Shipments of products regulated by U.S. government agencies
Importers brand new to the import process
Plans to import during the next 12 months

How Does It Work?

 You can expect a simple 4-step process when purchasing your importer success bundle.
Purchase your importer success bundle directly on our site.
Receive an order confirmation email that includes quick links to the required forms you'll need to complete.
Complete the forms at your convenience through our secure online portal. Forms can be saved and completed later to fit your busy schedule.
One of our import experts will reach out to confirm receipt of your completed forms and schedule your consulting session.
If you have questions at any step along the way, our team is available to help you.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure which bundle is right for me. Can someone help me?
Absolutely! Our team of customs experts and Licensed Customs Brokers help new importers every single day. You can reach out to our team at (855)912-0406 and one of our experts will assess your situation and help you choose the bundle that’s best for you.
How many forms will I have to complete and how long will it take?

The number of forms you’ll need to complete will depend on whether your business is based within the U.S. or outside of the U.S. 

If your business is located within the U.S. you’ll need to complete 5 forms.

If your business is located outside of the U.S. you’ll need to complete 6 forms.

Most new importers are able to complete all of the forms within 30-90 minutes. 

Customers that purchase the Gold Importer Success Bundle receive bond application support which significantly reduces the time spent completing the forms.

Why do I need to complete a Power of Attorney (POA)?
Submitting official documents to CBP on your behalf is classified as “customs business.” CBP requires a POA to be on file for all customs business activities performed by Customs Brokers on behalf of their clients. Because Foreign Importer of Record (FIOR) registration is considered customs business, a POA is required by CBP.
Can I purchase each product individually instead of buying a bundle?
Certainly! However, purchasing an importer success bundle will save you between 5-28% off of the normal price.

Why Successful Importers Choose USA Customs:

I would recommend any new importer consult with Linda and her team. I'm brand new to importing and she went over everything I need to successfully import my products.
-Ninthalak C.
Sarah was absolutely brilliant and told me exactly what I needed to do. She assisted me in locating and completing all of the necessary paperwork. Thanks to Sarah's help, I'm having a huge amount of success in importing my products.
-Peter L.
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New Importer Success Bundle - $469

  • Importer of Record Registration
  • Continuous Customs Bond
  • Importing 101 Starter Kit
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