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The Comprehensive E-Book on Importing Dogs to USA


An Import Guide that’s for the dogs!
Everything you ever wanted to know about importing dogs into the US is packed in this compact but comprehensive ebook.
You’ve been all over the web looking for help to import a dog into the US - and here it is…so what does it contain?

  • A HUGE state-by-state rundown of requirements for dog imports - We called EVERY one of these states for this information
  • A thorough explanation of the required documentation
  • A listing of countries and their requirements for exporting dogs
  • A complete list of companies, and their contact information, that physically transport animals all the time

And who was it written by? The premier licensed professional experts in importing into the US.

How can you lose? And the best part - right now it’s only $19! That’s right - get your copy today and stop stressing about how to get your pet or commercial canine imported, today!

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