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Key Features That Set Us Apart

Tariff Classification
Tariff Classification
  • Meticulous evaluation for every product category.
  • Up-to-date with the latest customs landscape shifts.
  • Mastery over country-specific codes and distinctions.
Section 301 Support
Section 301 Support
  • Illuminate the unknown. Expert take on duties and tariffs.
  • Be ahead of the curve. We've got our finger on the pulse of Section 301 investigations.
  • Plan and execute. Stay armed with our mitigation and duty drawback strategies.
Customs Consulting
Customs Consulting
  • Navigate the maze of U.S. Customs with expert guidance.
  • Personalized strategies tailored to your specific needs.
  • Insights from a history of successful clearances.
Freight Forwarding
Freight Forwarding
  • Extensive overseas partner network.
  • Seamless coordination for efficient cargo movement.
  • World-class real-time visibility.

Why Should USA Customs Clearance Be Your Customs Right Hand?

Efficiency: Time is money. We make sure your experience with the customs clearance process is as quick and seamless as possible.

Accuracy: No one likes hiccups. With us, you'll gain expert support ensuring your documentation and information are submitted correctly, every time.

Experience: Been there, done that. Benefit from our years of expertise with U.S. Customs and the international trade market.

Personalized Support: No bots, no bouncing. A real human offering you custom-tailored advice.

Why Should USA Customs Clearance Be Your Customs Right Hand

What Our ClientsSay About Us

  • They answered all my questions regarding importing and the different steps to take. I am in the process of finding overseas distribution and will 100% call back again for any future questions I might have. I was extremely impressed with the service I was given.
    Ron H.
  • [They] took the time to answer every single question and get me pointed in the right direction. I will definitely call back in the future for more consulting and seek out a broker with USA Customs Clearance.
    Jerry N.
  • I will be circling back for additional consulting as needed. I was overall very pleased with the service and support I was given.
    Vadim Y.

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Efficiency's our middle name. While times vary, our clients often commend our swift turnarounds. Rest assured, your goods are on the fast track with us. And our top shelf tracking system gives you full visibility to your freight throughout its journey.
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