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USA Customs Clearance eliminates the guess work when it comes to importing products from around the globe. We continue to perform in-depth research to help importers find the best solutions for their freight. Read the importing topics that matter most.
Importing Baby Formula to USA: Overcoming the Challenges
Millions of babies in the United States depend on infant formula for their first year of life. Find out where you can practically import infant formula from in ...
How to Import Cheese to USA: In ‘Queso’ Emergency
From fancy charcuterie boards to everyday snacks, cheese is a staple for many diets and dishes across the United States. Enjoy exotic varieties from around the ...
11 Types of Incoterms: International Trade Terms Explained
Coming to a fair agreement between the seller and yourself is of the utmost importance. To do that, you need to first have knowledge of the different types of I...
Incoterms vs Payment Terms: A Guide to Importer Responsibilities
Importing into the U.S. will sometimes require you to agree to Incoterms and payment terms. In this article, we’ll show you how these terms work and how they...
Importing Teak Wood into the US
Teak is an extremely popular wood for furniture, construction and shipbuilding. However, the import of this wood is banned from certain countries. Find out more...
Importing Glass From China: A Guide For Fragile Goods
When importing glass from China, you need to be sure to follow the correct steps and relevant government regulations to have a successful import experience....
Importing Dairy Products into US: Surviving The Regulations
More than just milk, the United States import market for dairy products includes a wide range of products from whey performance powders to milk-based paints. Le...
Importing Video Games From Japan: What You Need to Know
Are you considering importing goods from Japan? This article discusses the exploding gaming culture in Japan and how it translates to importing video games from...
The Importance of Incoterms and Why You Need Them
There are a variety of things that can go wrong during an international shipment. Find out how incoterms will make the importing process run smoothly....
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