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U.S. Customs Clearance Process

USA Customs Clearance eliminates the guess work when it comes to importing products from around the globe. We continue to perform in-depth research to help importers find the best solutions for their freight. Read the importing topics that matter most.
Importing Plywood to the USA: ‘Wood’ You Know What to Do?
New sources for plywood and other wood products are needed to meet growing demand. See how imported plywood may be the key to your next import venture....
How to Get A Customs Bond: A Guide for New Importers
If you're a new importer, it's critical that you know how to get a customs bond. Learn more about how to get one and how a licensed customs broker can help simp...
What is a Manifest Hold? (And How to Avoid One)
Importers can have manifest holds placed on their shipments for failing to file an ISF on time, missing documents, or incorrect information. Learn more about ma...
CBP Confidentiality Request: Protecting Company Privacy
CBP confidentiality requests can be used to stop the release of important manifest information. Learn how to protect your import data from competitors....
Importing Rosewood: How to Comply with CITES and the USDA
When importing rosewood into the United States, it is essential to understand the regulations set by both the USDA and CITES. This guide will help ensure you co...
Importing LED Lights from China: Duties, Regulations, and More
When importing LED lights from China, you'll be required to pay different import duties and abide by more regulations than you would if importing non-LED lights...
What is a Shipping Manifest? 
Get pass customs authorities hassle free with cargo intact. See how accurate shipping manifests save you time and money. ...
Temporary Import Bond (TIB): Duty-Free Entry of Goods for Re-Export
Suppose you are importing goods into the United States for the short term. A temporary import bond is a fantastic alternative. The TIB grants a duty-free import...
Taxes on Imported Goods: A Guide to Tariffs, Duties, and More
Understanding taxes on imported goods is critical to calculating import costs and ensuring you’re able to successfully import your goods. Learn more about the...
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