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USA Customs Clearance - Blog Posts

USA Customs Clearance eliminates the guess work when it comes to importing products from around the globe. We continue to perform in-depth research to help importers find the best solutions for their freight. Read the importing topics that matter most.
Importing Honey to USA: What You Need to Know
There are many challenges when it comes to importing honey to the U.S. Learn how to overcome these c...
Single Entry Bond: What You Need to Know
Figuring out if your imported goods need a continuous bond or a single entry bond can be a daunting ...
Dive in to Importing Swimming Pool Equipment
USA Customs Clearance can navigate the waters of importing swimming pool equipment for you today. ...
What Are Incoterms?
Incoterms are a vital aspect of international shipping. Learn what these important rules are to be a...
Benefits of the 301 Tariff Exclusion Extension
USA Customs Clearance has consulting sessions to help you navigate the 301 tariff exclusion extensio...
How to Import Thermometers to the U.S.
Questions of how to import thermometers to the U.S. are answered by USA Customs Clearance experts. C...
Everything You Need to Know to Import Bidet Toilet Seats
Short on toilet paper? Many people are turning to bidets as an alternative. Learn how to import bide...
Benefits of Importing Plexiglass Sneeze Guards
USA Customs Clearance can help you with importing plexiglass sneeze guards and clearing customs hurd...
How a Customs Broker Helps Your Business
If you’re in the business of importing, then you’ve probably heard the term “customs broker”...
Benefits of International Expedited Shipping
International expedited shipping comes with dozens of benefits. From consulting to customs bonds, bo...
Importing Sewing Machines Made Simple
If you’re interested in importing sewing machines into the U.S., then you’re probably pretty fru...
How to Import Cleaning Products
Need to know how to import cleaning products? Cut through red tape and get these essential products ...