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Annual Licensed Customs Broker Service

$2,748.00 / year

Annual Consulting Service members receive ongoing priority service from our Licensed Customs Broker team resulting in quick answers to your most pressing needs:

  • Ocean and Air Quotes
  • Form Filing
  •  Partner Government Agency Regulation Support
  • Tariff Classification Analysis
  • ISF Filing
  • Duties, Taxes, and Fees Calculation
  • And More...

You might need an annual licensed customs broker service to assist you throughout the importing process if you’ve ever had the following scenarios happen to you: 

  • You are tasked with importing a new shipment but you are unsure what the tariff classification is and how to move the product through customs by filing the proper importing paperwork.
  • Your shipment has been held up at a U.S. port of entry and you need assistance with getting it through clearance to meet your customer’s deadline. 
  • You have multiple shipments each year that have different importing requirements and you need help streamlining your import processes and overseeing customs clearance procedures

Becoming an annual licensed customs broker member with USA Customs Clearance, powered by AFC International, alleviates the concerns addressed above and any other issues faced during the importing process. This membership also saves you time and allows you to focus on other needs. 

USA Customs Clearance is a licensed customs broker that has the capability to answer all of your importing questions and receive priority service from our licensed customs broker team for year-round support. When you become an annual member, we don’t tell you where to find the answers to your questions. We actually provide you with the answers you need to keep your imports moving so you can meet your deadlines

Discover what $2,748 per year does for you and your peace of mind for all of your personal and business importing needs.

As a part of our Annual Consulting Service, our Licensed Customs Brokers assist you with all aspects of customs clearance. You’ll receive monthly support with the following customs clearance details.

Ocean and Air Quotes

Ocean and air freight shipments come with problems such as overweight cargo, damage to items and missing/lost documents. Our team has both the logistics and customs knowledge to keep your freight secure and your documents stored and filed electronically. We also file your critical ISF Filing 24 hours before cargo is loaded onto a ship, which avoids financial penalties, more inspections and delayed cargo.

Form Filing

There are a lot of forms that need to be filled out properly to import your goods. These forms include the commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading and arrival notice. It’s really easy to miss a form by accident or forget to fill out a section that leaves your imports in clearance limbo. Our team inspects all of your documents to make sure you pass through customs with ease. We handle the ISF Filing, duty drawback and all paperwork needs and questions.

Regulation Support

Depending on the type of freight you are importing, you have constant interactions with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the U.S. Food and Drug Association (FDA) and other agencies. You also must follow all of the rules and regulations in the country of origin of your products. Tight regulations, as well as customs and border control restrictions, are a cinch when you utilize our brokers to help you maneuver the compliance for shipments across the globe. We also identify and correct issues to ensure a seamless customs clearance experience. 

Tariff Classification Analysis

Having the wrong product classification can lead to non-compliance for import regulations, paying the wrong amount for import duties and more. We assess your duties and fees based on the value of your imports and secure and provide payment for your goods. Our brokers confirm the accurate product classification code, which provides clarity to the import process and ensures you are paying the right amount for duties. 

Customs Clearance Brokerage Advice

Making sure your imports clear U.S. ports of entry and following your products to customs clearance approval is Priority No. 1. Afterall, it’s in our title. USA Customs Clearance is an expert on the paperwork, regulations and rules needed to import to U.S. ports of entry. Utilize our advice whenever you need it with our annual priority membership.

Secure your annual retainer for VIP access to a Licensed Customs Broker for peace of mind as a frequent importer. One-on-one consulting for 30 minutes per month with a discounted rate for additional minutes, no additional charges for access to our growing library of shipment guides, fast pass quoting for your freight moves, and a host of other benefits.