U.S. Customs Clearance Process

USA Customs Clearance eliminates the guess work when it comes to importing products from around the globe. We continue to perform in-depth research to help importers find the best solutions for their freight. Read the importing topics that matter most.
How to Import Furniture from China: Rules, Permits & More
Need to import furniture from China, but not sure where to start? Use this guide as a checklist to ensure there are no issues with your furniture shipment arriv...
Importing Wood to USA: Timber, Lumber, and Other Wood Products
The varying types of trees means importing wood to the USA differs by shipment. A licensed customs broker can help sort out the rules and regulations for your s...
How to Import Coffee To the USA: Spill-Proof Guidance
Access a step-by-step guide on how to import coffee into the USA and find which international markets are most likely to have what you need. Get an overview of ...
How to Import Fireworks From China: Licenses and Regulations
Get expert advice on how to import fireworks from China, covering regulations, necessary licenses, and best practices for importers in the United States....
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