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What is an Import Export Consultant?

What is an Import Export Consultant
Learn what an import export consultant can do to help eliminate issues with shipping goods. There is a lot of documentation required whenever shipping freight internationally and a consultant can help to easily navigate the process.
January 17, 2020
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Last Modified: January 16, 2024

Freight is shipped and received internationally every single day, import export consultants make these processes smoother for the supplier and intended recipient. If a business runs into issues while shipping goods regarding tariffs, shipping insurance, or tax compliance, an import export consultant could be the solution. They are responsible for helping businesses acquire necessary documents to move freight in and out of countries. 

Import export consultants require a strong logistics background and experience with moving an assortment of goods across borders. Moving freight in and out of countries requires various documents such as bills of lading, commercial invoices, freight shipping forms and more. If your business plans on shipping goods to Canada, the United States or Mexico, a USMCA certificate of origin is required. An import export consultant could obtain the document and help a manufacturer fill out, sign, and notarize the document. 

Background and Training of Import Export Consultants

Background and Training of Import Export Consultants

The documents needed to export products can be extremely confusing, especially for new businesses. Consulting services are becoming a frequent request by transportation services, and the need for consultants continues to expand. The steps to becoming a consultant are not difficult, but time and focus are necessary for import and export education. 

While a bachelor’s degree in business or online coursework for export training is preferred it isn’t mandatory. However, consulting firms do ask for experience whether it’s from courses or background skills built by the industry. Import export training can be completed online through targeted courses to ensure proficiency in the field as well. 

To increase your chances of success in this industry, experts advise becoming proficient in a foreign language such as Spanish. Goods are imported and exported across the globe, having the ability to communicate with a different region could propel you above your competition. In addition to learning another language, receiving a Customs Brokers license will also help advance you above other applicants. 

30 Minute Licensed Expert Consulting Will Personally Guide You
Delays are Caused by Paperwork Mistakes

Worried about the Strict Regulations? Ask Our Experts.

Our 30 Minute Licensed Expert Consulting Will Personally Guide You.

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Services Offered by Import Export Consultants

Learning the background of logistics will make you available for several positions within export compliance parameters. Import export specialists are there to help you from beginning to end with transportation processes. Some of the most popular roles are: 

Consulting: This service analyzes the current operations of a company and evaluates how to get more affordable rates and faster delivery. Export licenses have increasingly been more difficult to obtain, consultants are there to work with export controls to ensure your freight has the requested documents.  USA Customs Clearance, powered by AFC International, offers two options for customs consulting to meet your needs. If you have a one-time need for consulting services, you can schedule a consutling session with our Licensed Brokers. For ongoing support, we offer annual customs consulting that provides you with 1-on-1 support each month.

Training: This role creates a learning environment for transportation companies to understand the documents necessary to ship various kinds of freight. Knowing which documents are mandatory depends on the type of freight being carried. For example, importing or exporting refrigerated cargo needs documentation from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Compliance Auditors: Sometimes, your company could be in violation of the laws without even knowing it. Compliance auditors sift through regulatory guidelines to confirm the business is following the appropriate procedures.

Voluntary Disclosure Specialist: If you have shipped something incorrectly, or have freight on the move and suddenly realized all of the necessary documents are not with the freight… These experts can help you approach the government to let voluntarily disclose you have made a mistake. Admitting your wrongs is the best course of action for staying in good graces. However, you do not have to face the intimidating process alone. 

Classification Projects: If your company has a plethora of freight just waiting on documents, working with an import export consultant could help you start to ship. Consultants have the ability to quickly sort through accumulated projects and obtain the legal papers in order to import or export. 

Do I Need an Import Export Consultant?

Do I need an Import Export Consult?

Whether shipping freight domestically or internationally, it is an intricate process that requires a great deal of time and services. Documents stack up quickly and it can be easy to get lost in the paperwork. New business owners and first-time shippers should always reach out to an import export consultant to move their first load. 

Ideally, these consultants should be contacted prior to making any decisions or moves, as they can help you from the manufacturer to the final destination. However, if you decide to start shipping by yourself and later realize you have numerous questions, consultants can still help you figure out how to progress. 

If you reach out to a consultant initially they will work with the government, customs, the bank, and line up warehousing for your goods. Depending on what products are being shipped, you will work with many government agencies, including customs, to get your products across borders. The bank will need to verify your payment for the taxes and duties before you’re cleared. Lastly, you will need a place to store your goods especially if you’re exporting to another country. 

Working with a skilled logistics company that has consistent communication with these agencies will make this process effortless. 

30 Minute Licensed Expert Consulting Will Personally Guide You
Required Import Documents are Confusing. We File for You

Worried about the Strict Regulations? Ask Our Experts.

Our 30 Minute Licensed Expert Consulting Will Personally Guide You.

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Customs Consulting Services Through USA Customs Clearance

Acquiring a consulting service can help your business understand the details of the complicated shipping process. USA Customs Clearance can save your company time and money by gathering documents and locating warehouses for your goods once they have been exported. Our consultants have a goal of helping you decipher the mechanics of importing and exporting. Our import consulting services can empower you to make doing business simple.

Our international experts realize that every business requires different documents and they are ready to assist with various orders. To make shipping even easier, USA Customs Clearance also offers customs brokerage services and Customs Bonds. Our consultants will monitor your services and ensure your customs bond stays up to date to avoid postponing shipments. 

Delays are easily caused by paperwork errors, seeking a professional import export consultant is the best option for removing bumps in the road. USA Customs Clearance will make your shipments a priority so you have more time to focus on your business. If you still have questions about your shipment or what an import export consultant can do for you please call 855-912-0406 for assistance! 

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